POSTPONED - Public Talk by Sara King: The Science of Social Justice

Sara King

Due to concerns about the new coronavirus, this event has been postponed until a later date. CRFS will advertise the event once we have more information.

The Science of Social Justice: The Impact of Othering and Systemic Discrimination on Communities of Color and the Potential of Mindfulness to Offer Healing

Public Talk by Sara King: Post-doctoral scholar in Neurology at OHSU and yoga/meditation teacher

Internationally renown scholar of mindfulness Rhonda Magee has described justice as “love in action for the alleviation of suffering”. She goes further by stating that “Justice begins with our awareness of the present moment, extends through caring for ourselves, and show up in the love we bring to our interactions with others and our responses to the social challenges of our time.”

With these statements in mind, Dr. Sará King will present on her research on the “Science of Social Justice” a way of utilizing a scientific lens to study (research), teach (facilitate), and offer healing to individuals and communities from the dis-ease of othering as an act of justice  - informed by an interdisciplinary framework that merges medical and cultural anthropology, political science, ethnic studies, feminist and queer studies, interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, psychology, socio-linguistics, and public health - and fundamentally grounded in mindfulness and compassion practices in relationship with the self and community.

Dr. King will also present on her research with Dr. Raina Croff at OHSU (Oregon Health Science University) that exemplifies the “Science of Social Justice” in action by discussing the present-day impact of gentrification and urban renewal in communities of color and how this has contributed to a modern day health care crisis in terms of the spread of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia. She will also discuss the approaches she is developing with Dr. Croff at OHSU for community-level intervention development to help prevent the spread of (AD) involving the use of mindfulness as a non-pharmacological complementary alternative medical approach to create culturally celebratory ways of healing and empowering the hearts, minds, and bodies of our society's most vulnerable populations.

This Talk is Free and Open to the Public

About the Speaker

Dr. Sará King is a UCLA-trained neuroscientist, political and learning scientist, social-entrepreneur, public speaker, and yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor. She has over 20 years of experience as a research scientist, and specializes in the study of the relationship between mindfulness, complementary alternative medicine, and social justice. She is currently a post-doctoral scholar in Neurology at OHSU, studying the relationship between stress biomarkers and mindfulness as a non-pharmacological approach to Alzheimer’s disease prevention in communities of color. Dr. King has also completed a year long 500 hr. Advanced Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation Teacher training, as well as she has begun training as a dharma teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition at Spirit Rock through their Community Dharma Leader training program this year.


5 p.m. Friday