Sep 20-23 Cooking Recipes as Cultural Heritage in Latin America: 4-day Symposium and Film Screening

LAS & CRFS Symposium Event LAS & CRFS Symposium Event LAS & CRFS Symposium Event LAS & CRFS Symposium Event LAS & CRFS Symposium Event

This symposium gathers food culture researchers from Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, Argentina and the Latin American diaspora in the United States. In their presentations, they share the lessons from their research and field-work experience, about the challenges and opportunities in the quest to collect, document and communicate about traditional food knowledge in the form of recipes or recipe books. The papers call for understanding recipes not as authentic formulas of absolutely replicable dishes, but as texts loaded with sociocultural, historical and political complexity that merit analysis as discourses within their specific contexts. The common thread in the papers is the critical look at both the methodology of analysis of the recipes conceived as snapshots of a historical moment, as well as the methodology for their documentation and transmission. The papers as a whole are an invitation to reflect on the broader question of the efforts to safeguard culinary traditions as intangible cultural heritage.

For students or faculty interested in translation services in English during the event, they should sign up using the form provided in the Eventbrite link here.


7 p.m. Sept. 20, 2022 to 9 p.m. Sept. 23, 2022