• Large bowl of lettuce with smaller bowls of assorted food
  • Peppers and Green on a cutting Board with "Bachelor of Arts FoodStudies"
  • Histories of our Foodshed
  • Assorted Grains in bowls
  • Over shot of Market with various food in baskets

Food Degrees

  • Young girl in market


  • Man surrounded by plants


  • Man in front of cord point to a presentation



"The Dunbar Pavilion project will use a $100,000 grant to fund programming to support the health and well-being of people of color. The grant came from the Agnese Haury Program of Environment and... read more
By Megan Carney and Alyshia Galvez "A recent study by researchers from the University of Minnesota provides evidence that the gut bacteria—or "microbiome"—of Asian populations, specifically Hmong and... read more

Annual Theme

The Sonora-Arizona borderlands is a region characterized by multiple, overlapping histories. These histories and their effects on present-day agro-ecological systems, resource distribution, and uneven life chances in the Sonora-Arizona borderlands region are not settled, monolithic, or homogeneous, but rather contested, divergent, and heterogeneous. Settler narratives have often obscured these multiple histories, impeding our ability to grapple with... read more


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