• Large bowl of lettuce with smaller bowls of assorted food
  • Peppers and Green on a cutting Board with "Bachelor of Arts FoodStudies"
  • Just Nourishment
  • Assorted Grains in bowls
  • Over shot of Market with various food in baskets

Food Degrees

  • Young girl in market


  • Man surrounded by plants


  • Man in front of cord point to a presentation



Click here to RSVP   The University of Arizona Center for Regional Food Studies presents a Master Seminar Luncheon with Janelle Lamoreaux. Janelle Lamoreaux is Assistant Professor of Anthropology... read more
By Megan A. Carney and Alyshia Galvez It’s easy to blame obesity, diabetes, and other conditions on people’s poor diets. But the real culprit is multinational corporations that profit from limiting... read more

Annual Theme

In honor of our recent partnership with the Dunbar Pavilion on the Dunbar Wellness Project, we selected the theme of *Just* Nourishment to guide our annual programming. Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops, speakers, and other events corresponding to this year's annual theme.  



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