State of Tucson's Food System Publications

State of the Tucson Food System: 2018-2019
By: Megan Carney and Keegan Krause

State of Tucson's Food System: 2017-2018 
By: Gary Paul Nabhan, Jonathan Mabry, Danielle Johnson, and Caroline Ferrales

State of Tucson's Food System: 2015-2016 
Compiled and edited by: Jonathan Mabry, Gary Paul Nabhan and Robert Ojeda
With contributions from Maribel Alvarez, Stephanie Buechler, Leslie Ethen, Mika Galilee-Belfer, Katie Gannon, Felipe Garcia, Dan Gibson, Megan Kimble, Dora Martinez, Michael Rasool Rabbani, Moses Thompson, Daoquin Tong, Erika Mitnik-White and Janos Wilder

Other Publications 

Food Chain Restoration for Pollinators: Regional Habitat Recovery Strategies Involving Protected Areas of the Southwest          
By: Steve Buckley and Gary Paul Nabhan 

Food, Community, Justice 
By: Gary Paul Nabhan

Borders Out of Register: Edge Effects in the U.S.-Mexico Foodshed 
By: Laurel Bellante and Gary Paul Nabhan
December 2016

Can Alternative Financing Strategies Foster Farm and Food System Innova*on? An Exploratory Comparison of Arizona and New Mexico 
By: Gary Paul Nabhan, Matthew M. Mars, and Julia Glenon 
June 2016

Prehistoric & Early Historic Food Crop Diversity: Nourishing Tucson, A UNESCO City of Gastronomy 
Edited by: Gary Paul Nabhan and Julia Glennon
With contributions from Karen Adams, Maribel Alvarez, Martha Ames Burgess, Gay Chanler, Dena Cowan, Michael Diehl, Suzanne Fish, Jesus Garcia, Wendy Hodgson, Jonathan Mabry, Charles Miksicek, Carolyn Niethammer, Roger Pfeuffer, Amadeo Rea, and Rafael Routson de Granade
April 2016

The Changing Faces in Arizona's Food System
By: Gary Paul Nabhan and Julia Glennon
February 2016

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