Mobilizing right to food and other basic needs for students: A workshop based on the UC Basic Needs Initiative


1 p.m., Sept. 24, 2021


Amidst a global pandemic the expectations and experiences for students within their higher education institutions are indicating increased challenges to well-being and student success. International to first generation and non-traditional students face varied economic, environmental, and social-emotional challenges in their higher education experience. The University of California (UC) has undertaken an ambitious set of goals, across all 10 campuses, to address food and housing insecurity, amidst other challenges students face. Through the re-imaging of food recovery and innovative ways to uplift diverse cultural food ways for ensuring sustenance to designing preventative upstream interventions as well as accessible paths for responding to crisis, attendees will learn how the UC is advancing undergraduate, graduate, and professional holistic student support with an integrated equity and sustainability lens. This session will introduce attendees to the research, policy, and practices that are advancing ways to respond to the growing reality of students living in crisis in order to resource them and their vision of success through their higher education pursuits. Participants will engage in interactive breakouts and discussions to explore what next steps are possible in advancing student basic needs within the University of Arizona. From participatory action research and findings, regional food and housing partnerships, to technical procurement and contract developments attendees will gain insights drawn from administration and student to staff perspectives as well as academic inquiry and analysis in order to to apply to your regional efforts.

The workshop was held on Friday, September 24, 2021. Below is the full video of the workshop.